Salim Marketing

Next, you’ll want to try to understand your client base. Who are your target clients? Will it be working moms between the ages of 30-45, or maybe single executive types with lots of money and little time, or maybe a combination of the two. If you keep your offerings stylish and classic, you’ll attract a wide array of clients who are drawn to the quality your products offer.

Did you make any money? Sure you did, you have six new people that you didn’t have before. And you acquired these new customers at no cost to you. Your advertising profits covered the cost of gaining these new customers. You made money, you just haven’t received it yet. How many times does the average new customer buy from you?

Ask any small business owner, and they will tell you that the forum is the mightiest thing to use to get the best possible results that you can. Several businesses have harnessed the power of this tool and use it in their methods of getting people to recognize them and realize that they have arrived.

An OPEN sign is needed for most businesses. A lighted OPEN sign looks like you are ready for business. If you don’t have a lighted sign, some people will just assume you are closed.

You can usually find printers who will do shirts for you at an inexpensive price, but you may have to buy a little more than you wanted. Look in your yellow pages or online for the best deal you can find.

How many times have you seen the same advertisement ideas written with just a little different twist? If you’re surfing the web you’ve come across plenty of the aped ads! Yeah, you can predict what the next paragraph will cover because you’ve seen it so many other places.

Have t-shirts pressed with your company name on them? It doesn’t have to be a large icon or your name plastered across the back of it, you can be subtle. A small logo and your company name on the front right of the shirt is all you need. Have friends and family wear them around when they are going into town or malls, and give some away as a promotional expense.